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New levels of service and transparency
Diligent is ideally placed to ensure you can manage your investments effectively and in accordance with your propensity to risk, helping you diversify your portfolio appropriately and achieve solid returns while protecting your capital. We conduct ongoing research on the performance of leading fund managers, selecting a wide range of funds from sound establishments to offer our customers. Thanks to our preferential depositary and commercial agreements with prime international banks and financial institutions, we cover several hundred funds in a wide range of sectors and categories. Many of these funds have won awards from the fund industry and comfortably exceed the benchmarks in their investment sector.

At the same time, we leverage our position and network with competitive bidding to ensure our customers can not only benefit from levels of customisation that would not otherwise be available, but can also depend upon exceptional value.

While Diligent brings high-profile private investors the same levels of expertise as institutional investors, we also speak a different language that is in tune with your needs and objectives. This commitment is reflected in:

  • A completely transparent fee structure, which allows you to clearly identify all the income generated by your investments.
  • Fees that are based on actual results above a specified minimum return to the investor
  • A commitment to refund our management fees if they do not add value and your investment returns are below a specified threshold.

Our commitment to your interests is absolute. We aim to build longstanding relationships of quality with our clients, enabling effective, comprehensive long-term financial planning and the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Our ethos is in each case to ensure that our customers benefit from our independence and experience, absolute discretion, total transparency and, above all, the same level of personal dedication and service we would want for ourselves.
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