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Diligent's partners have the international experience and expertise in both private and investment banking to provide discreet advisory services of the highest calibre. In addition, as an entirely independent company, you can be sure your advisor is free of any conflict of interest.
Whether you are looking to finance a project that is close to your heart while limiting and controlling the risks, or negotiating new partnerships, you can rely on our experience, insight and network to help you achieve your goals.

Personal Advisory Services
We can provide confidential, in-depth advice on the value and structure of your assets, providing you with targeted or ongoing global support for the management of your companies, including support with resolving potential interest conflicts between shareholders, family shareholders and sister companies, and with implementing insurance and reinsurance, captive set-up and management and the setting up and management of pension funds and stock option plans. Diligent can likewise assist with the establishment of inheritance plans, helping your company benefit from a smooth company ownership change and management transition when you retire.

Corporate Banking Services
Our management team offers dedicated expertise across all areas of corporate banking and can help you with bridge financing, senior and subordinated loans, equity and mezzanine funds, loan syndication, private placements, and project and structured financing. In addition, our strong relationships with our trading partners help ensure you achieve optimised financing structures and exceptional conditions.

Investment Banking Services
Diligent offers strategic assistance across the spectrum from corporate reorganisation and restructuring, strategy development and implementation to business and product development, IT & MIS implementation and support. We can also arrange for company valuation services in a wide range of business sectors and, of course, M&A services, including IPOs, acquisitions and the transfer and divestment of assets.
Diligent's advisory solutions are so fully-customised and practically unique to each customer, making examples superfluous. Please contact us for an in-depth consideration of your own requirements.
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