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Diligent provides cost-effective incorporation services for establishing tax-efficient structures in more than 25 jurisdictions. However, we highly recommend that when setting up offshore schemes, customers consult with their lawyer and accountant as tax advantages usually depend on the legislation in the beneficial owner's country of residence and the requirements in the country where the company carries on its business.

In all cases, Diligent can help you ask the right questions to achieve the most effective solution, taking a wide range of factors into account, including the following:

  • Company formation procedure under current corporate law
  • Tax system
  • Amount and terms of annual fees (e.g. licence fee and annual domiciliary fee)
  • Requirements regarding filing of audited accounts or annual returns
  • Confidentiality for owners and directors of the company
  • Geographical location
A name already approved by the Registry can be used to incorporate a company. However, we can help you prepare the appropriate application if the company name you desire contains sensitive words that need special permission or a licence. In cases where you do not require a special company name, Diligent can offer a stock of off-the-shelf companies for immediate purchase.

This express service is an example of how Diligent strives to add value while meeting your routine needs. As you would expect, these services include the preparation and filing of all statutory documentation.

Most jurisdictions use a standard Memorandum & Articles of Association, under which the company has the right to conduct any legal activity in line with current legislation, but when necessary our specialists can prepare the Memorandum & Articles of Association to meet the specific requirements of each company's field of activity.

We would be pleased to arrange the in-depth analysis required to ensure you make the most effective choices and then provide the support to implement them swiftly and comprehensively.
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